Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Snow fell last night and covered our woods here in the mountains of NC. I snuggled under my covers with Tiger the cat on her blanket close by. On the floor in their little beds, Smokie and Sunny, who are visiting me this week, curled up like furry balls.

Smokie and Sunny sleeping in their little beds

Tiger on her blanket

I am one who seldom gets cold. I like cool weather and usually, unless the wind is blowing, I don't wear a coat even in winter. But when the high temperature is in the twenties and the low is way, way low, yes, even I get cold.

Life is slow and this is the time to stay indoors and clean out closets, de-clutter our lives before warm weather sets us in gear again to begin our activities. I talked to a friend today who is doing just that. She said she was drowning in paper. Don't we all know that feeling? Since computers came into our lives, we are using more paper and collecting more paper than ever before. Why is that when our goals are always to "go paperless?"

On Sunday of this week, a friend, Rebecca, is coming to visit for a while. She is going to help me get organized and de-cluttered. She has a very big job ahead of her, and she might throw up her hands and say, "enough" after a week.

She plans to start her own business, helping people organize their closets, their offices, and their homes. She can practice on me.


DJan said...

We are in the midst of a windstorm and it's incredibly warm outside, in the sixties in January! (I'm in the Pacific Northwest.) We have had temperatures similar to yours at this same time, but not today.

I still have difficulty venturing out in strong winds, even when it's warm.

Abbie Taylor said...

When your friend is done with you, send her my way. Smile. The problem is that my husband Bill doesn't like to throw anything away so I may have to wait to declutter until after he's gone, and I hope that doesn't happen for a long, long time.

Glenda Beall said...

Hi Djan and Abbie,
My computer has been ailing and in the shop so I haven't been able to get to my blogs.
Djan, we are getting winter here now. Tonight was very cold when i went to Writers Night Out. We had some warm weather and then, bang, the cold roared in.
I am heading for a vacation in Florida before long. Hope I'll see lots of sunshine.

Abbie, my husband did not ever throw away anything and I have accumulated too much over the years, so Rebecca is struggling through my storage room and together we have made a good sized dent in the problem.
I am amazed at how much paper I have - many reams of colored paper and cardstock, regular copy paper and lovely stationary. Rebecca found it stashed in different places, in different rooms and now she has it all stacked and labeled and I am overjoyed.
Everyone needs to have a person who is good at organizing and cleaning out you stuff.
Thanks for your comments.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

It is difficult to keep up with the paper work! I just shredded a bunch of receipts.

As much as I love the computer, I don't really think it saves me time. It has wonderful tools and links, and we get involved in areas we never would have. However, I think we spend more time puttering with them then we would just doing what needs to be done.

Stay warm!