Monday, September 12, 2011

Photos and Gift Cards

Sell Art Online

Isn't this puppy adorable? Barry took this photo one afternoon when she was at our house with her "parents" and I think it is so special.

This is just one of seventeen photographs that I have posted on Fine Art America to share with friends and family and anyone who enjoys good photography,.

I'm thinking of making gift cards from these pictures. Let me know what you think.
On you can order prints, canvas prints, and cards of any of his pictures. You can see his other work if you just click on the picture of Blue Eye or, on the sidebar, Leaving Ottowa.

We pay three and four dollars for a gift card at the drug store - Get Well, Sympathy, or Happy Birthday. At Fine Arts America, the cards can be ordered blank inside or with any verse you want in them. I like the idea that I can order my card personalized with my words or a favorite poem I want printed in the card.

What do you think about me making gift cards from Barry's  photographs?

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