Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Find your blessings where you may.

I found it hard, at first, to be appreciative after being stopped by the State Patrol officer. He gave me a warning instead of a citation for speeding, but --- he did write me up for having an expired tag.

When I realized I had left my handbag in the buggy at Wal-Mart at 10:30 p.m. I hurried back dreading to hear the worst. After all, I had left the buggy in the outer area of the store and I remembered four young men standing there. I could imagine them eyeing the purse as I turned back to my car. All the way back to the store I beat up on myself for being so dumb, for not paying attention to what I was doing. I could even hear Barry's voice, "Glenda, why don't you keep your mind on what you're doing?"
Later as I drove home with my bag safely beside me and everything intact, including cash and credit cards, I practiced my new attitude about life.

The cop could have given me a ticket for speeding instead of just for the tag offense. I could have found that no one had seen my purse, or I could have found it empty, but I did not.

A "buggy boy" had found the black bag while doing his job. An honest young mman who probably needed the cash although it was not a large amount, turned it in to the store authority. My negative mindset slowly changed course.

I am thankful that I live where thieves are not the norm; where respect for others is not dead;where young men still open doors for women and the bag boys turn down a tip for loading my car at the grocery store.

A kind officer had decided not to send me to court with a speeding ticket. I would surely have paid a large fine.

So, I found some blessings in my stressful evening. I am lucky and happy that I came out so well.
I have learned to look for the good even in the worst situations.
Life is not always pretty, nor perfect, but deep
in the dirt we sometimes find small gems.


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Glenda, you certainly could count your blessings. My mind was going in the same direction as yours. You said it well about where we live. Makes you count your blessings in many, many ways. Glad all turned out well.

DJan said...

Lucky you! From the shaky start, your day turned out quite wonderfully, I'd say, thanks to the young man who turned it in and the kind traffic cop.

Susie Swanson said...

You are very lucky Glenda, There are a lot of honest people in the world.. You scared me there for a minute..Glad it turned out good for you..Susie

Nancy Simpson said...

Good for you, Glenda. Think Positive.

Paula said...

Wish that same kind officer had been the one that stopped me! I got a $160 ticket even though it was my first speeding ticket in my 40 years of driving!