Saturday, August 20, 2011

Old Photos Bring Back a Cute Memory of Two Adorable Children

It is very late and I should be asleep, but for several hours I have had Internet service which has eluded me for days, so I am taking advantage of every minute.
My nephew Jon and his two children have been visiting me this. The children are 13 and 11, very different from each other in personality and interests. I seldom have young children around and I must admit, I am always a little concerned as to what they like to eat and if they will be bored, but Jon keeps them busy if he can. The boy, 11, is not a picky eater and my beef stew and biscuits meal was a big hit with him and his father. The young lady enjoyed the hamburgers and hotdogs we had tonight. But both enjoyed ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. I guess you can't fail with that combination.

As my process of letting go of things I've kept for many years continues, I suggested to Jon that we go through the many, many photo albums stored in my grandmother Robison's trunk.He and I had fun looking at the pictures of him as he grew up. I wish his kids had shown some interest, but I know the day will come when they will appreciate these pictures.

Jon was the most adorable child. He and his sister spent lots of time with Barry and me so we have many photos of their childhood. I am scanning the pictures before giving them to him to take home. Each one provokes a memory like the one when he was about four riding Silver the Shetland pony  while his sister, Paige led the horse around and around our yard. I was inside my house when both kids suddenly bolted through the door crying, "Aunt Glenda, Aunt Glenda, something is wrong with Silver."
I could see they were quite upset. "What's wrong?" I asked as I headed out to check on the shaggy little guy.
"He fell down and he won't get up." Both kids were talking at the same time.
When I saw Silver, I figured out quickly why Silver was on the ground and not up on his feet. He was tired of walking around and around the yard, so he just quit and laid down.He was not sick, he was sick and tired of his job. I told the children to let him rest a little and I'd come back and get him up. And I did, but we decided that Silver might have had enough for the day.

I can still see those darling little faces as they looked up at me so concerned for their horse. Silver was a stubborn and ornery pony at times, but he carried many children on his back in his life time. He had already been the love of two other little girls before he reached Jon and his sister. He went on to another girl later on.
Looking through old photos is one of my joys and having Jon here to look at them with me was a special time.

Do you like to go through old photos? Do they bring up memories? Tell us.


DJan said...

Do they? I'll say! Old pictures are like a mirror into the past. Love to spend time with them. When I emerge, it's with a renewed sense of wonder.

Anonymous said...

My visual impairment makes going through old photos a challenge because I can't always recognize people. I can sometimes pick myself out through an article of clothing I'm wearing. Since I got married, I've forgotten where I put my photo albums, and I don't have the time or inclination to look for them and then sit down and look through them. I'm glad you got your Internet service back up and running and that you've been having an enjoyable visit with your nephew and his children.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author of We Shall Overcome