Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nothing feels better to me than immersing myself in the 80 plus degree water of a heated pool.
I never liked the intensive heat where I grew up in south Georgia. I loved the mountains' cooler climate, but lately the temps here have risen to the nineties. That means I stay inside. Indoors at my home or inside at Brasstown Valley' s pool, I find ways to make the best of the drought and the heat.

 All anxiety floats away as the warmth creeps into my bones, steals away shoulder pain, knee pain, and pain in my hands from too many hours on my computer. I think doctors should be able to prescribe therapeutic pool exercise, and insurance should pay for it. I'd rather prevent illness or injury than pay thousands of dollars trying to correct the problem.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a massage that releases the load of stress we carry around all day, and have insurance pay the massage therapist?  In today's world, we spend millions each year trying to cure illnesses that are often caused by our environment, our relationships, stressful situations at work and at home, and in most cases we don't need the expensive pills given to us by doctors. We can cure ourselves by making lifestyle changes; slowing our pace, learning to rid our bodies and minds of the toxins we ingest every day, learning about our own energy, making good choices.

Until the time comes when we can purchase insurance for methods to prevent illness, I will sacrifice in order to continue my water exercise, get massages to relieve tension and stress, and see holistic practitioners who are enlightened about needs of people today.

My new mantra is: Will the event causing me so much angst be important tomorrow, next week or next year? And my answer is usually, NO!
Sometimes people enter our lives for a reason. When that need is completed, we go on and other people enter our lives for another purpose. Dear friends from many years ago become lost to us. New friends become more special in our lives.
Will my relationship with anyone make or break me in the long run? If I never hear from that person again will my life change for the worse?

 I control my destiny. No one else can ruin my life unless I let them. I will not be a victim. I am a survivor.

Joyce Carol Oates said in her memoir A Widow's Story, "of the countless death-duties there is really just one that matters. On the first anniversary of her husband's death the widow should think 'I kept myself alive.'"


Shen said...

I liked the mantra.... we do make a lot out of nothing sometimes.

Glenda Beall said...

Yes, Shen. I was one who did that. Now I have a better sense of values - what really matters in the big scheme of things.
Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

Gay said...

So many of us have that trait in common of worrying endlessly about an upcoming event, or what we said to someone that they might have taken wrong, or what someone thinks of us. It is very stressful on us and such a waste of our energy. I'm so glad you are having some success in overcoming it. I know you will be healthier in the long run.

Glenda Beall said...

Gay, you know me so well and know that I have always been a worry wart - a perfectionist.
I have found I am not too old to change.