Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding Time to Write

For two hours today I enjoyed the company of five writers sitting around my table. For two hours I forgot about aches or pains, forgot about bills I needed to pay, forgot that my computer acts like dial up and Frontier has no answer for me, forgot that Direct TV has fouled up my television viewing and expects me to continue to pay them. I forgot that I must call the vet about my old friend, Rocky. I forgot I had bought several plants that must be potted soon. I forgot I still don't have my office moved upstairs, forgot I had a stopped up toilet, forgot I still haven't had those blood tests that were ordered, forgot I need to go to the grocery store, return something at Wal-Mart and have my car washed because a bird fell in love with itself in my sideview mirror.

In fact, for those two hours nothing mattered but the six of us in the room. My creative writing class was such fun today. Ginny brought some of her from scratch muffins. Lord, that lady can cook.
Staci amazes us when she takes a prompt and lets it lead her to a story that brings us to tears. Another woman writes like a pro, but needs to give herself permission to write. We can all relate, can't we?

I wonder how many writers have what it takes to do it, but just don't give themselves permission to put themselves first. We all hear it when we get together. How can we find the time? How do we still that little voice in our heads? "You need to do the laundry. You haven't cleaned the kitchen yet. Get up and sweep off the deck and the steps."
How do you, as a writer, find the time, or make the time, to write and submit your work? Give us your best advice.

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