Monday, April 4, 2011

Want to see spring? Roswell, Georgia has it.

Dogwood trees line this Roswell street.
Roswell, Georgia in the spring. Wow, what a beautiful city. I like Roswell where my sister lives and if I ever have to leave my precious home in Clay County NC, I'll go to Roswell, I'm sure. April is the perfect time to see the myriad of blossoming trees and shrubs in full array. Some homes are lost in brilliant gardens of azaleas, pink, red, white and every single one in bloom. Japanese Magnolias, one of my favorite trees, this year burst out in color only to be matched by the pink dogwoods. Every street shouts "Spring is here! Right here in Roswell, right now!" In my sister's yard, not to be outdone by anyone, a single dogwood tree blooms in both pink and white. Spring in Roswell is bustin' out all over the place.

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Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Roswell, GA sure is a beautiful city. I love the dogwoods. I'm glad you and your sister are enjoying this wonderful season and all of its splendor.