Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornadoes hit the south while I cower in my basement

On a day that was good and bad for me, I slipped down to the basement level around nine o'clock when the weather channel announced the tornadoes were headed for Hiawassee, GA, just south of where I live on the north end of Lake Chatuge.
Wind bursts swirled the trees in my yard but no severe lightning. The power flickered on and off. Only once in our fifteen years in this house have we gone to the basement in fear of a tornado.
Now, at close to 2 AM, I don't know if I should go to bed or continue to sit here and watch the weather channel.
Having grown up in south Georgia, and having seen a small twister take the top off a barn and cut down all the trees along a fence line while I stood in the door of my home, I know what bad weather can do.
Down in that area of the world, I had no basement, so when the warnings were issued, and I was home alone, I grabbed my dog and hunkered down in the shower of the master bathroom. It was the best place in a house lined with  windows floor to ceiling. Still, the booming thunder and sharp electrical storms set my heart beating like a frightened rabbit.
Which segues to the rabbit I found in my living room earlier this week, and the scared little chipmunk Tiger the cat also brought in today. I managed to remove the rabbit quickly, but the chipmunk ran under a bookcase, and I could not get him out. It was hours later that I let the cat in to  see if she could run him out. She did, and I managed to scoot him out the open door.
Later at the bank, while I was sealing the deal on selling our boat, a bird was discovered inside an office. What is going on? I left there with the ladies trying to shoo it out an open window.

If you wonder what was the good in my day, I finally sold Barry's Bass Tracker Tadpole. But even that was not all good

As I watched the tadpole with all our fishing gear roll away, I felt a chunk of my life going with it. A big happy chunk that will never come back.

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