Friday, April 15, 2011

Poetry and Plum Blossoms - see some photos

Recently I was invited to Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin's home for Poetry under the Plums, but I was not able to attend. I am so delighted she posted some of her photos of the event on Facebook. I wanted to see her chickens.
Click on the link below.
Jeannette is an excellent poet and she and I have MCS in common. I was sure I would be fine going to her place. She would not have any fragrances other than the nice natural smell of blossoms in the air. She is active in the effort to clean up our environment and stop chemical uses that endanger our health.


Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin said...

Thanks, Glenda. I wish you had been able to come. It was such a treat to feel well at a writing event!!! Usually I am fighting dizziness because of chemicals in the room or on the grounds or on the people. The pictures, I should mention, were taken by Leslie Cunningham, a professional photog from Asheville. I met her when she took a poetry class in Asheville last fall. She wrote some good stuff! -- but, as you can see, photography is really her medium.

glenda Beall said...

Jeannette, I wish I could have come. Being outdoors, I would be able to breathe easily.
One reason I hold classes at my house is because I have better control of my environment.
The photos are wonderful.Leslie is a prefessional, for sure.