Monday, March 21, 2011

Photography Class

Friday afternoon I was back at Orchard House at John C. Campbell Folk School, but this time I was not taking a writing class. Writers and photographers share the studio attached to Orchard House which serves as a dormitory for students  who come from all over the world to study crafts of all sorts, including writing, at JCCFS.

This was a weekend class with Jon Michael Riley, photographer and writer, from New York by way of Asheville, NC. Jon had been at the folk school all week and had stayed on to teach the weekend class on ways to share photos besides the usual sticking them into albums.

I learned some helpful things and I'm sure others did as well. We were turned lose to take pictures Saturday morning and I had the opportunity to use the cameras Barry left me. I was never the picture taker. That was his position in our family. But now I am determined to use his SLR Nikon digital camera, but I might have to find a professional who can help me.

I have the Cool Pix with no viewfinder, just that window on front and when I'm outside I can't even see the subject of the photo. But I will post some of my best pictures.

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JLC said...

I know what you mean! Roger always took the pictures after I gave up my trusty Rolleiflex about 50 years ago! I gave the Canon SLR to one of my sons (Roger had given it to me) because I felt I wasn't doing enough with it, and kept a Panasonic Lumix without the viewfinder. Talk about frustration! Glenda, you have the energy of a thirty-year-old -- always on the go! And then you make time to read blogs as well. Whew!