Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Lovely Rainy Day Leads to Writing

I awoke to see the rain had come during the night. It crept quietly over my little place here in the mountains of North Carolina. No thunder or lightening. While I slept, showers slowly covered our area. No one was about today. The man who has been chain sawing the adjoining lot, was wonderfully absent. My new telephone with my voice now answering, did not ring today - not once. How peaceful!
After spending an hour or more listing numbers in my new directory, I turned to my computer - not that robber of time, Email, but to my word processor and I began writing. The title of my memoir finally surfaced this morning and with my theme in mind I can begin the process of collating my years of work into a cohesive account of my life and that of my family.
The hours flew past until I had to stop and feed Rocky and Tiger and myself. What a perfect day I've had.

Rainy day view from our deck
 I hope you have had a good day of writng or reading or whatever you most enjoy.


Nancy Simpson said...

Hello Glenda, I'm happy for your day of writing. Keep doing it.

Kathryn Magendie said...

It's snowing here now! What was rain turned to sleet, and then fat clumps of snow!

Yesterday I had a good writing day, today I am blogwalking.


Joan Ellen Gage said...


There is nothing like rainy weather to either entice you to take a nap, or to envelop you in a creative fog.

Which will it be today? Hmmm. . .

Glenda said...

Nancy, thanks for commenting. Saturday was good, today - nothing.

Kathryn, I knew it was cold here, but had no idea there was snow up your way. Winter had to come back for one more lick, didn't it?

Today I bought groceries and promised to take my dog for a walk, but the wind was just too much for me.
I'm working on the finishing touches to my last class at ICL tomorrow. The four weeks have passed too quickly.