Saturday, March 19, 2011

I receive a newsletter from John C. Campbell Folk School, and today I was happy to see the forward thinking of the administration there.

Solar Farms are popping up all over our area and I am delighted to see alternative energy sources being used locally. Many are skeptical of changes and think the solar farms are eye-sores on the landscape, but I think there are much worse eye-sores that do no one any good.

The following is an excerpt from the JCCFS newsletter.

Field House has new solar collectors for hot water.

Solar Hot Water System Installation Environmental Sustainability Initiative which is part of our Capital Campaign.

The installation of solar hot water
systems has already taken place on three of our buildings. The Dining Hall, Log House, and Field House have received these systems which are expected to provide 75% of our hot water needs and reduce CO2 emissions by 16.728 tons per year.

The systems produce hot water by means of solar flat plate collectors mounted on the roofs of buildings with necessary southern exposure. This installation, part of our Capital Campaign's Environmental Sustainability Initiative, allows us to not only be more environmentally responsible, but also to save an estimated $40,000 annually in propane and electricity.

Within the next few months, solar hot water units are scheduled to be installed on Davidson Hall, Keith House, Orchard House, Hubbell House, Mill House, and our Laundry Facility.

I am in class this week at JCCFS. We have made some fantastic photographs we'll share tomorrow.

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