Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cats - Ongoing battle of Who is in Control

Tiger, my cat, has a distinctive look because she is part Manx. She was born with only a stubb of a tail. She becomes a femme fatale at night while the rest of the family is asleep. Who would ever suspect that she invites her male friend into the house for dinner?

I thought we had stopped her outlandish behavior last year when her black and white suitor became so bold as to come right into the house, come upstairs where I sat in my chair, and sneak into the laundry room to share Tiger’s food. That fellow was quick and stealthy. But he was also greedy. One weekend when I was out of town, a friend managed to trap Mr. Black and White by baiting him with cat food. I told my friend I didn’t care what he did with this tomcat, but I’d like to have him neutered and loosed. He was a feral cat and not likely to ever be tamed.

I have not seen another cat in my yard recently, but for the past two days I found both of Tiger’s food bowls empty in the morning, and she meowed like she was starving. I chastised her for being such a beggar.

But yesterday I went downstairs and immediately smelled the distinctive odor of male cat. They spray to lay claim to an area. It is an undeniable fact that a male cat has been in my house recently.

“How dare he," I grumbled. “He claims my house and I’ve never even seen him.” Tiger is “fixed” so her friend doesn't have any hanky-panky on his mind, but she must have invited him to her midnight buffet -- Chicken of the Sea and Purina cat chow.

Now that I know a visitor has been coming into the house at night, I remember hearing some noises coming from the living room but I did not get up to check. Tiger often gets playful at night and I assumed she was chasing some imaginary critter.

I can close the pet door and that would keep out the moocher, but then Rocky, my best buddy, will not be able to come and go as he has learned to do.

If only Tiger, who is so cute, sweet and loving, was as little trouble as Rocky, my life with my animals would be fine. But, for one reason or another, I threaten every week to give Tiger to a cat-loving friend.
Tiger is a picky eater. I had to take her off canned cat food because she itched and scratched until she had little scabs all over her body. And she began to throw up after she ate canned cat food. So I switched to canned tuna and she loved it – for about a week. I admit it, I found myself a slave to this cat. I cooked for her and she seemed to like my recipes, but only for a day or two.

Now, she might be looking for a new home again. Her friends might be the final straw. I have one more plan. I will not leave any food out for her late night suitor. Maybe when he finds there is nothing for him at this house, he will find another dinner companion.
I suppose it could be worse. Tiger could have invited in a family of skunks. She is mischievous enough to do that to me.


Gay said...

Oh, Glenda! You poor thing! Between Tiger's penchant for bringing her friends in and bringing in her kills, she is a lot of trouble. But she is so sweet and I know you don't want to give her up if you can keep from it. I wish you luck.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

What a hussy! Tiger needs to have better taste in men!

Glenda said...

Hi Gay and Joan,
Thanks for your comments. Gay, don't you want Tiger for another pet at your house? She loves you, just not your pup.
I've not seen any sign of the midnight visitor lately. Hope he has found a new dinner partner.
Tiger is being on her good behavior. I think she knew she had pushed me about as far as she could.