Wednesday, November 17, 2010

January Writing Classes at JCCFS

I'd like to sign up for every single writing class at John C. Campbell Folk School in the month of January. Google these instructors and you will find out why I expect each class to be fun, fun, fun!

January 7-9 (Weekend $308)
What is Memoir Anyway?
Instructor: Dana Wildsmith
Ready to embark on writing the story of your life? Before you start, it’s
helpful to learn the difference between memoir, autobiography, and
family history. Our focus will be on memoir methods as we delve into
contemporary examples and classic memoirs for direction. Explore how to work parts of your life into very readable prose. All levels are welcome.

January 16-22 (Advanced Week $596)
Creating the World that Isn’t There
Instructor: Patricia Sprinkle
In good fiction, the imaginary world is so real that the readers feel
they’ve been there and know those people. Learn to create such
characters and settings. Bring the first chapter of a novel or one short
story on which you want to focus. Class consists of instruction, writing,
group critique, and revision, with pauses for laughter and learning
exercises. Designed for intermediate to advanced fiction writers, but
writers of memoirs, biography, and history can benefit.

January 30-February 5 ($546)
Sing and Paint with Words: A week of writing inspiration
Instructor: Karen Paul Holmes
Come get inspired. Through music and other arts, we’ll stir the creative
juices. We might listen to Beethoven or Elvis, look at paintings by Monet
or Finster, read literary masters or contemporary writers—all to generate
ideas for our poems, fiction, or essays. You’ll receive editing tips and
one-on-one critiques to make your work stronger and more readable.
Open to anyone who needs inspiration and help perfecting the art of

(Karen is volunteer editor and publisher of Netwest News. She has published in top literary journals and has a successful business.)

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