Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hope Clark on Dreams and Why, sometimes, They don't Soar


What we often attribute to fate and the hand of others is
more the fault of grounded dreams - dreams we weighed down
ourselves, not allowing the wings to spread and take flight.
The change isn't a sudden slam of a door or quick reversal
of speed, but more of a slow easy slide into nothing. And
we assume it isn't our fault.

We have to assume some of the responsibility. Whether we
admit it or not, we abetted the demise by:
--Letting others dissuade us. It's amazing how people who
haven't succeeded tend to be the loudest naysayers. While
writers are known for having some mighty big hearts,
those who don't understand the craft still tend to believe
anyone can pull off a bestseller. We hear far too many
negatives, and we start to believe the words.

--Letting past disappointment control us. We've failed in other arenas. We've had close calls with contracts.
We've submitted to 72 agents, been rejected 42 times and ignored 32. We've divorced, endured physical restrictions, and weathered disease.

--Letting that inner editor tell us that we've done fine considering the odds. We'd be better off NOT knowing the dds. That way we don't settle for less than our best.

--Letting the hard work stop us from tackling another hurdle. We get tired, and our confidence weakens.

--Locking up our imagination. Like dancing in front of people, we fear cutting loose and letting our inner child free. We grip what's comfortable instead of jumping on the dance floor under the spotlight, where people can easily judge.

Sometimes the odds stack up against us, but face it, our attitude about how we deal with our dreams is completely in our hands. Maintain control. After all, it's your dream, and no one else's.

C. Hope Clark

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Anonymous said...

I have been hooked on Hope Clark for quite some time, sent to her website by another writer pal from
Chapel Hill. I'm glad to read her
words on your site and hope (no pun)Netwest writers will hook into her Funds for Writers & Writers' Markets. They've been good to me.
Nancy Purcell