Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Buffaloe Pen

Julie Buffaloe-Yoder is an exceptional poet. I admire her work and her words.
Therefore, I am especially pleased she put my book and my name on her list of Good Reads.
Be sure to click on the link above to read the review of my book. And I am pleased to be listed among those other writers and poets Julie recommends.
I hope you will visit her site and leave a comment if you can.
Julie was nice enough to guest post on this blog last year. It rates as highest post for viewers and readers. I hope she will come back to visit.
Check out the Buffaloe Pen. You will enjoy this writer's work.


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Congratulations upon the book review. I visited her blog and it is very nice. Glad she posted your book on her blog.

Terresa said...

Yes, I love Julie, she's a poet with a splendid heart!

Julie said...

Hi, Glenda. It would be my pleasure to come back any time. I love your work, and I have been meaning to do a full post of "Now Might As Well Be Then" ever since it first came out. But life has kept me on the road too much this year. Your book is beautiful and touched my soul in so many ways.

I just added a link to Scott Owens' "Musings" site on the post. If you have other reviews or links you'd like to share, feel free to let me know, and I will add those, too.

Thank you for allowing me to include "Now Might As Well Be Then." It has been a pleasure to "meet" you here, but I hope to someday be able to hear you read in person. It is excellent work!

Glenda Council Beall said...

Hi Brenda Kay, Thanks for stopping by. Your blog is always such a treat to visit. Glad you visited Julie's blog.
I relate to her poetry and I'm sure you will, also.

Glenda Council Beall said...

I will email you and we will discuss another guest posting.
Thank you for listing Scott's link with his review of Now Might As Well Be Then.
Thank you for your support.