Monday, September 20, 2010

A Place of Beauty in New Brunswick, Canada

From high above the Bay of Fundy where the river runs into the ocean.
We did not know that a boat and its crew had been reported lost in the bay while we enjoyed the spectacular view.

The clouds tempt me to grab a paint brush and capture this scene on canvas,
but the camera does a much better job. I fell in love with this place.

The skies have it today. They change the color of the water, the atmosphere and mood.
Canada is a country with a vast difference in landscapes from east to west. My all time favorite place I have been is the western part of Canada, the Canadian Rockies, but now I've been to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and fallen in love with the countryside of these provinces. We disembarked the ship at St. John and took a car up along the north eastern coastline of New Brunswick toward St. Martins. After stopping in Jere's Family restaurant for lunch of lobster rolls and excellent seafood chowder, we were told by a friendly customer to drive up the Fundy Trail since our time was limited. She said we would see fantastic views.
She was so right. I was captivated by the sky, overcast and gray which reflected on the water turned a turbulent dark pewter shade. I felt Barry there telling me how to shoot to get the best picture. And, I heard him say when the rain came, "don't get the camera wet."
So, from within the car, I shot a few more pictures but nothing could capture the sheer beauty of the cliffs, the bay and the wild sky.
We looked at brochures for rentals and discussed a future vacation in a cottage there, but secretly we knew we would not be back this way again.


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What beautiful photos. I'm so glad you had a great vacation visiting Canada. I've heard it's such a lovely place. Thanks for sharing this wonderful posting.
I'm happy you had a safe trip and got back safely.

glenda said...

Thanks, Brenda, I'm very happy to be home again, but I truly love to go to Canada. The people are so friendly they remind me of southerners.