Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On the Road in St. John and St. Martins - Canada

In a rented car we drove north from St. John, a town on the coast of the province of New Brunswick. What a sense of freedom - climbing into an automobile and driving when and where we wanted. My feeling on this cruise was that of an inmate in a huge prison  - over 2000 of us, herded this way and that, under the control of a Filipino army, but once our feet hit solid ground, we were free for the day. This was to be one of my favorite shore excursions and my last one for two days because I came down with a flu-like virus.
Thanks to the advice of a woman we met in Jere's family restaurant, we traveled east from St. Martins and discovered the most scenic drive of the entire trip. Tall dark fir trees covered the rising shoreline as we traversed the Fundy Trail, a private non-profit project with carefully placed pull-outs to catch the best views of the huge waves, white-capped and lapping the empty beaches far below us.
Overcast skies threatened rain and some sprinkles on my Nikon lens show in these photos, but I had to capture these memories.

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Tipper said...

The pictures are soooo pretty!! I'm glad you all had a good time-and can't wait to hear more about the trip!