Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I came downstairs to my studio today and found a man in a brown uniform, the UPS man, hauling boxes up my steps - one after the other, in a non-stop hurry.
Hey, I said to him Don't leave those boxes right in front of my door. I can't move them.
So, he brought them inside and stacked them - all sixteen boxes of books.
I was so excited I could hardly wait for him to leave so I could look at the Netwest anthology we have worked on for nearly two years. From fall of 2008 until now.
Nancy Simpson is the editor and Karen Holmes was her biggest help, working as a volunteer and Katja Holmes, Karen's daughter designed the book.
I have been working on a marketing plan since we decided to publish Echoes and it is falling into place. Book stores are ordering and members are wanting to hold readings.
The book can be ordered by going to http://www.ncwriters.org/ and looking for the cover picture of Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, stories, essays and poems by writers living in and inspired by the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
If you live in the south western part of North Carolina, you can probably find a bookstore that will have the book in stock or will order it for you.
The book will also be available in stores in North Georgia and in western South Carolina.

Phillips and LLoyd Books in Hayesville, NC, Curiosity Books in Murphy,NC and Books Unlimited in Franklin, NC have already placed orders. Tell your book store to contact Glenda Beall, glendabeall@msn.com or 828-389-4441 for ordering information and for prices.
We are extremely proud of this publication which includes an Introduction by Robert Morgan and praise from North Carolina writers, Lee Smith and Ron Rash.
The book is dedicated to the mountain poet, Byron Herbert Reece, who grew up and lived in Union County, Georgia in the Appalachians..

When you read this book, please send me your comments. I'd love to know what you think about it.

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Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This is awesome! I sure look forward to seeing the book. Can hardly wait to hold one.