Friday, March 5, 2010


WOW!! What a great evening with our Netwest Poets at Tri-County College tonight. We had 14 poets present and that is unusual, I hear, in many areas.

I embarrassed myself. I had spent most of the day with Wayne Drumheller of Brevard who taught me how to use my Creative Memories program to make digital books. I am so excited about this program and the possibilities of making memoir books for members of my family complete with photographs I have stashed away in albums, on slides and on my computer.
Wayne will come to my writing studio in Hayesville, NC on April 6 at 1:00 p.m. to give a presentation on this subject.

But back to how I embarrassed myself tonight.. Because I was running late, I grabbed a stack of paper I thought was copies of a recent poem I'd typed from a handwritten piece I'd found in my clutter.
When my copies were passed out, we discovered two copies of the poem and some copies of other things. Boy, was my face red!
Then my fellow poets insisted I read the poem anyway. The consensus is that part of my poem is lyrical and part is prosey. I knew the poem needed work and I should not have taken it. I will take it back to the group after much time has passed and much revision has been done.
I've learned that it takes writing, revision, put it away, read, revise, put away, read, revise, put away, and finally, I might have it ready to take to critique where I will see more need for revision and then the process begins again and one day I hope the poem will be good enough to submit.

Why do we love to write when it is grueling work? Why do we agonize over every word, every line, and berate ourselves because it is not perfect but we don't know the little thing that will make it perfect?

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I can't wait for the class!