Monday, January 11, 2010

First Five Things to Do Before Writing Your Life Stories

What is the difference between autobiography, memoir, family stories, family history, or stories about your life? In my classes, we write family stories or stories about our lives.

Five Things to do before you begin Writing Stories about Your Life

1. List the most outstanding events that changed your life beginning with your birth.

2. Label folders with each of these life changing experiences and dates.

3. For each folder make a list of memories from that period of your life. Keep this list in the appropriate folder and update the list as you remember more stories or events in that time period.

4. Research – Locate photographs, certificates, articles, letters, diaries, and anything that pertains to your memories. File these in appropriate folders.

5. Choose one folder with the most memorable events. Choose from that folder one vivid memory that brings back smells, sounds, colors or feelings you can express in writing. Try to think about how you would tell that experience in a way to keep the interest of your child or grandchild.

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