Monday, December 28, 2009

French Bulldog

Gay and Stu are looking for a French Bulldog. Misty their beloved Cocker Spaniel died this year and now they are ready for another lucky dog to come to live with them. The problem is this. They want a French Bulldog and those dogs are rare and cost many, many dollars.
They decided to go to the dog rescue sites and they found one they knew they would love. Her name was Dani. Gay filled out forms and sent in all the information requested. Then they had to wait.
As antsy as if they were adopting a child, Gay was anxious because a person for the Rescue service would be coming to assess them to see if they were "good enough" for Dani. All Gay talked about for several weeks was Dani. And then they got the news. Dani was going to another family.
Disappointed, they decided to wait until after Christmas and start again. So, if I have any readers in the deep south who know of a Frenchie with no health problems, female, please contact me. They prefer a dog and not a puppy. No dog could ever have more loving owners. In fact, my Rocky sometimes refuses to get in the car when we have to leave. He wants to stay with Gay and Stu.
And their dogs live to be very old because of the excellent care given.
I know they will find the right one and that lucky dog will never want to leave.

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My Carolina Kitchen said...

I hope Gay and Stu find their new dog. I always believe it is fate when something doesn't happen that we think should. Something better is around the corner; all we have to do is wait.

Happy new year Glenda. Hope your new year is filled with happiness and health.