Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nancy Sales Cash is working on her next novel

My friend, Nancy Sales Cash, author of Ritual River, a novel set in the south western mountains of North Carolina, is hard at work on a new novel. The setting is the same mountains but look for an unusual new story.

I met Nancy when Ritual River was first released. She read at the John C. Campbell Folk School and I was impressed with her presentation. Many fiction writers choose one section of their book, perhaps a chapter from the middle of the book, and read for twenty minutes. Sadly, the intense hours of writing the story, finding the best words, building the characters and plot, are lost within a few minutes as the audience drifts off in thought. Without building up a mystery or question in the minds of the audience before the reading, the listeners quickly loose interest before they hear the excerpt.

Nancy Sales Cash did not waste her moments reading a chapter. She spent much time enthralling her audience with how she researched the facts for the book. As she told about a particular piece of truth she used, the audience began to wonder why was this important. Then she read a short piece showing why she researched the subject. The time flew past so quickly I was amazed and I bought the book right off.

Nancy is in process of building and updating her website for her new book. She will also begin a newsletter for those who want to know more about her and her books, both past and future.
Her most recent work can be found in the anthology, Clothes Lines, published by Catawba Press, edited by Celia Miles. Last year one of her short stories was published in the popular book, Christmas Presence, also edited by Celia Miles.

Nancy and other authors will be reading and signing Clothes Lines throughout western NC in the next three months.

Contact Nancy at or contact me,, if you want to receive her Newsletter.


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thank you for sharing the good news about Nancy Sales Cash's new book. I look forward to reading it. I always enjoy reading her work and hope she will be able to attend the local booksignings for CLOTHES LINE. Have a great week.

JLC said...

I moved down from the news item to the fantastic photo of the gathering storm and then all but wept over the comment. You said it all, Glenda--so perfectly.

Glenda said...

Thank you JLC. One day we should talk.

Tipper said...

Sign me up for the newsletter Glenda : )

Glenda Council Beall said...

I will do that, Tipper.