Friday, October 9, 2009

Council Family Reunion

Descendants of John Cecil Council will gather in Wakulla County, Florida the weekend of october 10-11 for the annual Council Family reunion. I had planned to attend, but found I can't this year.
They have a big fish fry on Saturday night along with a cake walk which is enjoyed by adults and children as well. My cousin Sandra called me this week to see if I'm going and to ask me to stay with her. She lives in Tallahassee where she and her late husband Billy, lived many years  after building a successful business there. Beverly Council sent out the letter to all of us to remind us of this special day. My memories of this reunion go back to when I was in high school and my family attended.
Each year certain members of John Cecil's family are recognized. This year Sandra's family will be one of those. I would love to be there to hear the stories told about Eugene Council and his family. John Cecil was married twice and had two sets of children, so his decendants are numerous.
As we get older these family reunions come to mean more than just a nice meal and talking with a few relatives.
If you are a descendant of John Cecil Council, a very early pioneer of north Florida, who was captured by the Union Army and held on Shipp Island off the coast of Lousiana, then you should come and meet this family.


Kathryn Stripling Byer said...

Glenda, we used to go to Wakulla Springs when I was growing up. I remember the boat rides, with the glass bottomed boats. So much tucked away in the folds of memory that come back and ask to be voiced.

Joan Ellen Gage said...

I hope your reunion was memorable.
Happy birthday this week! Remember we share the date! Treat yourself to something special!

Glenda said...

Hi Kathryn, Thanks for commenting. Wakulla Springs is such a neat place, I think. I remember my first time going on the glass botomed boats. I've not been there in some time.

Joan, Happy birthday to you. We should get together and celebrate one year. My birthday celebration was dampened by my older sister's illness, but still I had a good time with a niece and my sister, Gay.