Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sister, Gay, is back from Hawaii

My sister, Gay, has been gone to Hawaii and I really missed her. She is my rock along with my sister, June, my nieces, Lee and Lyn, and their mates. June's husband, Charlie is a generous and kind man who I also love dearly. Gay and Stu flew over and took the Hawaiian cruise around all the islands. Gay, Lee and I had lunch today and I heard a little about the trip.
Although they had a wonderful time, Gay said she couldn't help but feel sad when she remembered all the trips Barry and I made with them and how much fun we had. She said she kept thinking of Barry and how he would have loved going on this vacation. Stu said they visited a little town and he thought of me. He said it was a place he knew I'd enjoy.
Family - there is nothing like family when we have troubles. I was at Wildacres while they were on vacation in Hawaii. We were all where we should have been, dealing with grief in our own way.
But one day, I hope to go over to Hawaii, myself, and maybe Gay and Stu will want to go back. I can't imagine going on vacation without them.
Because I asked, Gay kept a journal while on the trip so she brought a little of the islands  back with her. She always brings me a gift, and this time was no exception. A tag-a-long bag with the islands, in bright colors, on the side and a new journal I can fill up with thoughts I'll look back on in ten years, I hope, and see how far I've come.

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Joan Ellen Gage said...

I'm sure that you will travel with them again, when you are ready. Good friends will always welcome you to come, and Barry will travel along with you, always.