Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rocky and Tiger Welcomed Me Home from Wildacres Retreat

Rocky and Tiger were happy to see me when I came home from my week at Wildacres Retreat. I listened to Marley and Me on CD on the way home and enjoyed the antics of the endearing dog, Marley.
I read one night at Wildacres when all the artists and writers gathered in the lobby of the main lodge. I also had the opportunity to tell them about my poetry chapbook coming out in the fall. I think the idea of writers and artists of all kinds coming together for a week, not to take classes, but to have the time to work on projects of their choosing is a fantastic idea. Nothing is structured but mealtimes. It was just what I needed I think, and I've come home with some priorities set so I hope I can better focus on what I should be doing at this time. Although I was told by a woman today it took her a year to straighten out her thinking after she lost her husband.
I was able to do some re-writing and accomplished one piece that absolutely transported me back in time. For three hours I left this time period and regressed to 1968 where my memories overcame my present situation and I completely forgot where I was. How strange to suddenly come back to September 2009, look around and for a minute not know where I was.

I'd like to be able to write like that every day for the next year and maybe by then I could better face the present. I do have some wonderful things to write about. Now here at home, I must discipline myself to do that.


Ellen said...

Met a young girl last week who said she couldn't have pets in her apartment, but she bought a basil plant, so she would have something to come home to.

Glad the dogs were there for you.

Have been thinking about you all week and hoping it was a good week up there. Sounds like it was.

Probably too late to call you, but glad to find this post so I could feel in touch.


Tipper said...

I'm glad you had a good time-and I'm hoping I'll get to read about your time warp someday : )

Glenda C. Beall said...

Yes, Ellen, Tiger, the bob-tailed cat and Rocky, our found dog, are great company for me. Rocky was Barry's best buddy and he misses his daddy.
Tipper, when I get my book of essays finished, if ever, you will read what I wrote during my time warp.
Loved you post of characters today on Blind Pig. Made me think of stories and characters I've known. And there have been some great ones.

Pat Workman said...

Glenda, I am delighted to hear that your retreat was a success...sounded wonderful.

I love that feeling of being transported, and even better when it produces something tangible as your visit back to 1968. For me, reading a 'really' good book or writing a 'wildly improbable' poem can be the best vehicle for stepping out of gray reality.

Bless out pets, what would we do without them. Rocky is a such a sweety. I know he misses Barry. You and Rocky give great comfort to each other.

Glenda said...

Hi Pat, I am sure your wonderful unique poetry can take you to the outer realms and back in time also.
Yes, Rocky is great comfort to me and I'm happy to say, after a visit to the vet, he is doing well other than a little arthritis which we are treating with baby aspirin and a supplement for his joints. I can tell he is perkier already.
Tiger, however, presented me with two upchucks today. Now what is that all about?