Friday, September 11, 2009

More Photos from Wildacres

Below is Chuck, a photographer and an astronomer I met at Wildacres Retreat. When I asked if anyone could help me learn to use Barry's Nikon Camera I was told to ask Chuck. All week Chuck wandered the area and photographed people, each one present that week, and also flowers, crafters in their studios, and other things. He patiently taught me some basic things about my camera, but I still took tons of photos that were blurry until he saw that I had the digital camera set on Manual. Once he corrected my settings, I was able to capture a few good photos like the ones below.

The resident standard poodle would not pose for me to capture her face, but in this one she had just come out on the patio and was enjoying the long mountain view that all the humans enjoyed as they relaxed in their rocking chairs.

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Julie said...

I was hoping to find some more pictures! They are great. That porch looks like a wonderful place to sit and think.