Sunday, September 27, 2009


I want to share this poem by my 8th cousin, Mary Michelle Keller. She is deeply into genealogy and found we have the same lines in our background. Before we knew we were cousins, we were friends. Barry called her "Cuz."

Census copies strew across my desk
keys that fit rusty locks of remembrance
yield up the flesh of those long dead

I am the keeper of their stories
gathered from dusty history book
records of birth, death and probate

They sailed on ships of cholera
some for adventure, others respite
all for new beginnings, for freedom

The adversity they left followed
some died only to have just begun
others survived to plant their seed

I am here because of them
I will not let them lie in obscurity
I will raise them and remember.

                Mary Michelle Brodine Keller


Nancy Simpson said...

Glenda, Thanks for posting this new poem by Michelle Keller. It pulled at my heart and made me want to get out my old family records.

Pat Workman said...

Thanks for sharing this. I miss reading and hearing MM's, poetry. I feel the same about hunting for every tidbit I can find on my ancestors.

Glenda said...

Hi Nancy,
I was addicted to genealogy for many, many years. Today with so much on the computer, I'm sure I'd be up all night researching.
Thanks for stopping by.

Glenda said...

Hi Pat,
Like you, I love MM's poetry. Remember the Purple Door and my favorite is the one about the shawl.
You and she have genealogy and poetry in common.
thanks for your comment.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

This is a great poem. Thanks for posting this by Michelle Keller. My sister is into our family history and it's very interesting.

karenh said...

Just love Mary Mike's poem. Thanks for sharing it.