Thursday, July 2, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words, it’s true. This is me, yesterday, after spending a week sleeping in a hard chair that makes into a hard cot.

Today, after a shower, after I shampooed my hair, and changed clothes, this could be me..

Water is a healing force that washes away stress, soothes our rumpled minds and un-kinks the knots of fear that climb up our backs and clamp on to the tendons in our necks.

If I could I'd head for this pool, one of my favorite places, winter and summer. I'd slip into the warmth of this oasis in the middle of my frazzzled world and wash away worries, refresh my senses and clean my lungs of the chemicals worn by almost every person I meet.

1 comment:

Tipper said...

Wish I could bring the pool to you : )