Thursday, May 28, 2009


Commenting on Blogs

Are you a lurker or stalker or do you read blogs and leave comments?

Sam Hoffer who has one of the most enjoyable blogs I follow, sent me a link that opened my eyes and I hope will give my readers insight into the etiquette of commenting. Although the writer is discussing food blogs, her words inform anyone who blogs or reads blogs regarding the relevance of commenting. Thanks, Sam for sending along this informative site.

Please read this article.

Be sure to read the comments left on this post. Then leave your comments here. Tell me what you think about commenting.


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Yes, Glenda, I do read the comments left on my blog. I appreciate very much everyone who visits my blog. All of the bloggers who visit my blog have excellent blogs. Both of your blogs are really good.

Pat Workman said...

I love to lurk. Often, I want to respond more than I do. Some days I can respond and some days just checking by to read is all I have to give.

I certainly appreciate comments--but I don't expect them.

Hope your yard sale is a big success.

Glenda said...

Brenda Kay, thanks for your comments. You visit often and I enjoy your site. Pat, when you comment on my blogs you are encouraging and interesting. Thanks to you both. Like Pat, I sometimes lurk, but try to comment when I feel I have something worth saying.