Friday, April 24, 2009

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is calm tonight

I sit in a Hampton Inn in Greensboro tonight hoping I can get up and over to UNC-G by 8:00 AM tomorrow for the NCWN Spring Conference. I am to work the registration table which opens at eight o'clock. However, the doors won't open until 8:00, so I hope Virginia and Ed will have things set up ahead of time. Seems to me it might be better to have registration begin at 8:30 so that those of us who need to be there to set up will not have a line waiting already.
I feel like I'm in Florida. Temperature tomorrow is going to be 82 degrees. I don't do well in hot weather and I pray the Elliot center will be cool.
As usual when I travel, I had to call ahead and impress the staff at the motel with my multiple chemical sensitivity. I was skeptical when Keshia, the lady who made my reservation promised she would tell housekeeping that the room must be cleaned with vinegar and water and no chemicals, no sprays and nothing smelly. Today I called ahead and asked to speak to Housekeeping. I've learned that most requests made at the desk never reach the people who need to know.
Keshia once again answered the phone. She remembered me. When I asked to speak to housekeeping, she said my room was ready and waiting and "we even went out and got vinegar to clean with" she said. And she promised me no harsh chemicals or chemical smells were in our room.
We drove for five hours and I was anxious about what I'd find when I opened the door to the room. Wow! A motel that did what they said they would do! Only a very faint hint of "air freshener" remained and in just a few minutes of running the AC I didn't notice the odor. All the staff insisted on helping us with everything, giving us directions to restaurants, and asking us to call them any time we needed anything.
As the bell boy left our room he said,"we're having a survey and we could use some tens."
Now, I know what all the red carpet treatment is about.
I will give them "tens" but I will also tell each one personally how much it means to have people who go the extra mile to insure their guests comfort and well-being.
I can tell already. I'm going to enjoy this weekend. My driver and good buddy didn't have any problems being on the road all day. He is one sweet man. So I'll get off the computer and let him get some sleep.

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