Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dinner with Paul, Lunch with The Candy Foundation

Below: Paul Donovan. Right: Mary Jo Dyre

This is a busy week. Tonight I join Paul Donovan in Murphy, NC for dinner with the winners of the Cherokee County Poetry and Essay contest for high school students. I was delighted to judge the essays this year. Selecting only three winners was most difficult. I do not yet know the names of the winning students, but I look forward to meeting them tonight at Shoebooties restaurant. Paul does a great job each year coordinating this contest. Local businesses donate money for the savings bonds Paul hands out to winners. Netwest is always a sponsor for one of those prizes.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11:00 AM, the Candy Maier Scholarship Foundation Board and a number of interested writers and people from the community will have lunch in Murphy. Mary Jo Dyre, who was on the Board but now acts in a liaison position, I believe, has invited our Netwest members to join them at Shoebooties. I look forward to meeting the group of women who make funds available to western NC women who want to attend seminars, conferences, and workshops to improve their writing.
The Candy Fund was instrumental in my starting the Netwest Writers blog and connecting our members from all over the wide area of south western North Carolina. I appreciate the Foundation and the good work they do.

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