Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cats and Dogs with Unusual Names

Tiger, the bob-tailed cat loves Barry's lap. She is the most loving cat we've ever owned. She takes to strangers and before they know it, she is all over them.
We once had a cat named Diesel. He was a big black tom cat who adored Barry. And well he should.

My friend Sue found him abandoned in her yard and was afraid her big cat would harm him. She brought him to us out on the farm where she knew he would have a good life. But my new puppy, Nicki, frightened the kitten, and he ran under the freezer to hide.

There he stayed until Barry came home in the evening and rescued him. I had been scared to death the kitten would get into the fan or moter of the freezer and be killed.

Anyway, from that day on, Diesel, whose purring was as loud as the engine of a Mercedes, therefore his name, came to my husband as soon as he walked in the door, slept in his lap and followed him when he went outside.

We had owned a couple of cats before Diesel came to us. The first one we rescued from the dairy barn where she and many other feral cats lived. I was a huge fan of Breakfast at Tiffanys, and I named the pretty calico after Audrey Hepburn's stray. I called her Cat.

When Cat surprised us with her first litter, she became Mama Cat.

We found homes for all of her babies except the little orange one with the snubbed nose who would not stay on the floor with the others. She somehow knew she was royalty. Most of the time she perched on a wicker stool like a queen on a throne. I named her Queenie.

Queenie never grew very large. She overcame a gunshot wound that severed one front leg. A fine veterinarian reattached the limb. We were amazed when she learned to use the litter box, her leg in a cast. Queenie lived a long life. Mama Cat also lived to a ripe old age. Both cats were spayed.

Living with us now is Tiger, the bob-tailed cat from south Georgia. She had been named before she came to us.

At the link below, I enjoyed reading the ten most popular names of Dogs and Cats and also the most unusual names. Some are FUNNY.

I wonder if any of you have had dogs or cats with unusual names. If so, we'd enjoy hearing about them. Leave a comment or e-mail me, I'd love to hear about your pets' names.


BONNIE K said...

We named our older cat Bing, mostly cause we couldn't think of another name. He is very large and beautifully blonde and very, very smart. And our last name is Krauss, so he's Bing Krauss. When we added to our at family with 2 tiny kittens, my daughter named them Missy and Milo, and one day we noticed that both have an M on their face. We later realized that almost every cat in the world has that same letter M on the face.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Growing up, I had a Tiger!

My husband and I had Calvin & Hobbes for over 15 years. Just before Hobbes died, Rocko and Spunky took their place.

Yes, we are big fan of cartoons!

L. Diane Wolfe

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks for sharing your pets stories and names. I had another dog, a poodle, who lived to be 19 years old. I named him Brandy from a song I liked, but my husband made up a story about the pup drinking brandy from a glass one night and so we named him Brandy. Guess his story was more creative.

Sara said...

We've had several incarnations of Mother Cat! I love pet names, too. We often recycle pet names, esp. for barn cats (when they were kittens they were named after whatever adult cat they most resembled with 'Baby' in front of it, e.g. Baby Helen or Baby Yoyo.)
Sometimes they get people names: Helen and Roger. Easy names: YoYo and Coco. Descriptive names: One Eye the cat or the steers Seven (for the 7 shaped marking on his head) and BamBam (for how much he banged you when you fed him his bottle)
And our female labrador Penny gave birth to her son Copper. Copper Penny. :)
Fun post!