Monday, January 19, 2009


I never thought that a snow day would become just like any other day to me, a girl who grew up in SW Georgia where a snow day was more exciting than Christmas. Yes, we did have an occasional snow. We couldn't wait to put on our heavy coats and gloves, climb into the jeep or pickup and ride over the farm seeing familiar scenes changed to look like New England post cards. How pitifully hungry we were for snow. In a matter of hours it was gone, almost like it had never been.

Yesterday, here in the mountains of NC we had a good covering of powder, but it melted before noon. Today it snowed again, not profusely, just lazy flakes quietly drifting. Driving home tonight car lights peered into swirling snow, like riding into a giant kaleidoscope.
It promises to be a worse weather day in Washington for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. I can't imagine standing out in the cold for hours and traveling through bad weather and bad traffic. Being there would be exciting, and a younger me would have loved it, but the me of now would rather watch it from my warm living room on HDTV.

I wish our new president the best, and our country well. I only hope he will be allowed to instigate his plans for a better tomorrow. Washington has a way of spoiling the efforts of some of our most promising presidents. And if the media turns against him, he's toast, as my young friend would say.
I hope Obama's dreams of change will not melt away like yesterday's snow.


Anonymous said...

That is the big wonder, isn't it? How much will our new president be able to accomplish? We shall see. But for now there is great promise and tomorrow will be a very exciting day for the country!

Nancy Simpson said...

Hi Glenda, It is hard for me to see your place as in the same county when you say all of the snow has melted. Well. I'm on the northside of the mountain and you're south facing. My road is still covered with snow.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I'm watching it from the comfort of my living room...warm, the snow blanketing - tourists already crooked across the road on the other side of the cove because they didn't respect the steep mountain roads.

I'm watching the tv, then the birds flocking to the feeder, then the tv, then the ridge sparkling...what a day!

Glenda C. Beall said...

As it turned out, I was not anywhere near a TV today, but tonight, I'm seeing the pundits reporting on what happened today. I hear them say his speech was not soaring, but the things I've heard he said were things I liked.

Nancy, you are higher and your drive never gets cleared, but our street is dry and clear. No snow, just cold!!
Thanks Suzie, Kat, Nancy for commenting.

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