Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now The Season Has Begun

Saturday in Roswell, GA.
This has been our annual Christmas Kickoff weekend when we spend time with relatives and friends, eat delicious cooking by my sister, Gay, and laugh over fond memories, recent sayings by my "favorite baseball player" and quietly send thanks that we are all together again.

The words "It's a Wonderful Life" greet us from the mantel and I stop for a moment and say to myself, "Amen." It is indeed a wonderful life when we can get together with loved ones who grow more precious as the years pass, share stories and discuss books we love, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

One of our group is recovering from open heart surgery, but he looks great and is bouncing back with gusto. (see him above)

From the moment I enter my sister's house, I feel the spirit of the Christmas season. Her artist eyes create the setting for her guests. In the bathrooms Christmas towels are too pretty to use, white and gold kings guard one corner of the counter, and all is elegantly displayed.
The dining table is set with Christmas china, and pretty arrangements are sitting on every surface. I enjoy seeing my Dickens village set up in her living room. Since we no longer host Christmas parties at our house, I gave away most of my Christmas decor except for a few small favorite pieces. I never thought I would get to a place in my life when I did not decorate my house for Christmas.
We might hang lights if BB feels up to it, and we bought a pre-lighted little tree that makes us smile. We also have a wreath for the door and hope to hang it before the needles brown and fall off.
Christmas cards have begun to arrive in the mail and I promise myself I will not let my Christmas spirit dim, no matter what the Beast throws at us. We will sing Carols and listen to Christmas music. And we will wish a Merry Christmas to everyone we meet.
The season has just begun. I have a few more gifts to purchase, and my Christmas letter to send, and I am grateful we were able to participate in this joyful and happy weekend with loved ones.
If you are writing your life stories, think about your most memorable Christmas. Why was it special? Why do you remember it and what do you think about that time now, today as an older person?
I love to hear from you. If I give you an idea for a story, let me know. Pat from Florida said she was prompted to write about the only dog she ever owned.


Gay said...

You know, Glenda, when I read your comments it makes me so happy that you and Barry can be with us and enjoy all my Christmas decorations as much as I do. I was trying to think of my favorite Christmas, but they all run together from our youth...just great times with family. And since we began to have our Christmases with just the four of us, all those gel together into one big Chritmas memory of joy and contentment. The only one that hasn't been as good was the one when we had to put Kodi down. that Christmas left us all feeling sad. But all the other times were filled with love and joy and I am so grateful that we have our special times.

Glenda said...

Thanks, Gay for your comment. I hope more of our readers, and I know they are out there, will comment about their Christmases past.