Saturday, December 27, 2008

Glenda Barrett, Painter and Poet,

Before I became serious about writing, I painted in oils and I loved it. I will go back to it one day, the Lord willing, but my friend Glenda Barrett, author of the poetry chapbook, When the Sap Rises, is also a wonderful painter. See her work online here

Every painting has a softness about it that reminds me of Glenda herself, a mild mannered woman with deep roots in Appalachia. When Glenda had to stop working in the medical field due to a muscle disease, she turned to writing and painting and has been successful at both. Her work is listed with and can be bought through that online gallery.

Personally her life has been filled with challenges and stressful events, but she follows the rule to look for the good in everything and counts her blessings every day. She paints pictures with words as well as with brushes and color. Vist and you night find just the painting for your wall or for a gift.

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