Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Yes, I have no bananas"

Picnic in Roswell, GA park. Photo by Barry Beall

Did you receive an email extolling the virtues of eating bananas? It said bananas were the perfect food, loaded with potassium, and every other vitamin and mineral our bodies need. Almost every day I eat a banana. I encourage my husband and other loved ones to eat bananas. I put them in smoothies with pineapple and coconut and pretend I'm drinking a pina' colada on the beach in Hawaii. Bananas make the perfect snack, coming in its on packaging. Banana sandwiches sustain us throughout the year.
But today, Shana, my allergist said, "Glenda, your allergy tests showed a positive response to banana."
I said, "What do you mean? Are you saying I'm allergic to bananas?"
"Yes, I'm sorry to say, you are allergic to bananas and to citrus fruit."

For over a year I've accepted that I'm allergic to tomatoes which I dearly love. There is nothing better than a tomato sandwich in the summer -- fresh ripened on the vine tomatoes with mayo on white bread. I grew up eating tomatoes every day they were in season, which meant most of the summer in south Georgia. But a couple of years ago, after my mouth broke out with ulcers that would not go away, and hurt so badly I had to seek medical help, I was told to stay away from tomatoes and all tomato products. Also, no spicy foods, which means no jalapenos with my Mexican food. No salsa either.

I'm not sure I want to know what other foods are on my allergy list. What if I can no longer have bread, or eggs, or ice cream?

The worst part of this is, in order to be treated for the food allergies, I'd have to pay extra above the $150 dollars for my three months supply of allergy drops. Insurance does not pay for this type of treatment, I'm told.

This is what makes us turn to alternative treatments. Modern Western Medicine is great for saving us from major diseases that have been researched, but is sadly lacking when it comes to the nuisance illnesses that keep us from enjoying our lives.

Acupuncture, massage, Reiki, and EFT, are some of the healing energy practices I know of and I will be calling my sister for her help. I just can't give up my bananas.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, no, not bananas, too! Call me and we will do intensive EFT, but you have the protocol and with Barry's help can go through it at your convenience. When you find time, I'm here.