Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On my drive home today, I passed this meadow in front of a single cabin sitting in the glow of setting sun. Although fall is all around us, the grass is green and as fresh as spring time.

Pretty colors near my house, along my road I travel every day.

Late afternoon on my street. Fall is fading in western North Carolina. We've already had our first snow. I cherish each day I can see these mountains where I live. From my deck, from my yard littered with gold, and from the road into town, I drink in the beauty I see as though each day were my last.


Richard said...

Wow, Glenda. What a site. You got this bloggin' down good girl. Check me out if you get a chance and give me some tips.


Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks, Richard for stopping by. I have a rather eclectic site here. Although my title is about writing life stories, I also write about almost anything that strikes my fancy. I've made new friends and found new readers, and that makes me happy.

Nancy Simpson said...

Glenda, Your blog is taking shape. You have so much to share. I also liked the pictures, fall scenes and the music of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Nancy Simpson

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nancy. I have been taking many photos lately. Just driving,running errands, etc. Pretty sights everywhere.