Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tiger, the bob-tailed cat manages to make herself comfortable

This lazy mut lying in one of his beds, is Rocky, ten years old now. He sleeps more than he used to, but so do I and so does Barry. None of us are as physically active as we once were. Rocky and I need to go on a diet and get more exercise.
This lovable handsome fellow came into our lives one day when we were more mobile, when we used to walk at the Chatuge dam two or three times a week. Rock was just a pup and someone had left him beside the road. We had put down our beloved Samoyd, Kodi, on Christmas day in 1998, and I was in no hurry to get a another pet. But before that day was over, Barry brought the pup home and in no time he had fallen in love with the sweet animal. I insisted we make every effort to find the owner just in case they wanted him back. Besides, I told Barry, this is not my kind of dog. I want a small lap dog if I ever get another.

I laugh now because I just didn't know what I wanted. A higher power sent this little brown and white rotweiler/terrier pup to us on that cold day in February in 1999 while I was still broken-hearted over my loss of Kodi. And I tried to harden my heart against him, hoping to find a good home for him.

But in a short time, he was jumping up on my lap and giving me big kisses. At 25 pounds then, he was still too big for a lap dog. Like a happy kid, Barry played with Rocky, walked Rocky and soon they became inseparable. How could I resist a pet that loved us the way Rocky did? Now he is as dear to me as any dog we've ever owned and he makes me smile all the time. Especially when he plays with Tiger, the bob-tailed cat who joined our household last December.

Their shenanigans are hilarious. Who would have ever thought a grown dog and cat would come to love each other in such a short time? Of course both have been "fixed" as we are strong supporters of spay and neuter and I hope those who live in our area will take part in the Big Fix fundraiser here in Hayesville on Saturday at the Church of the Good Shepherd. We want to raise money to help those who cannot afford the cost, to get their dogs and cats altered so we won't have more unwanted puppies and kittens. That is such an important part of owning pets.

I did not seek these two animals but they both found us it seems. We enjoy them every single day. Like two sunbeams sent to brighten our days, Rocky and Tiger cheer us up and make us laugh. And all we have to do is feed, water and love them.

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Gay Moring said...

These pictures of Rocky and Tiger are great. I always enjoy hearing about how you found Rocky and am so glad he came to you. I've never seen a sweeter dog and I know how much pleasure he has added to your lives. What would we do without our beloved pets?