Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Sisters, Sisters, There's Never Been More Devoted Sisters"

SISTERS Photo by: Barry Beall

June, sitting in the chair, and Gay behind her on her left are my sisters. I am the middle child, but only two years older than Gay.

How lucky I am to have these two always on my side. June recently moved with her husband Charlie to a Retirement "Resort" in Alpharetta. That was a turning point in her life and now she stays extremely busy. In fact, I have to call and find out when she will be available for us to visit. I am delighted to see June happier and healthier than she has been in years.

Gay, who practices her Reiki and EFT on all of us when we need it, is like a part of me. I call her when I am sad, when I want to celebrate, when I want to vent, or when I just need to hear her voice. How lonely and sad my life would have been without her. I wrote a story about how we almost lost her when she was a baby. It was published in an anthology.

I'll post a photo of us as kids. Together we can't be beat!

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