Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pollution of our bodies by folks we trust

The EWG newsletter I receive monthly has an interesting article that says the expensive bottled water we buy is no purer than regular tap water from our cities' treatment plants.Scientists have taken samples of bottled water which usually makes us thing of clear mountain springs, and tested it to find fecal bacteria, man made chemicals I can't even spell or pronounce and remnants of pain medicines, which have come from our bodies. The Environmental Working Group works hard to bring to the attention of the public and Congress that we are killing ourselves with the chemicals we ingest every day in ways we aren't even aware of.

My well water is cleaner than the so called "purified" water in the bottles we buy. Who would ever have thought when I was growing up that we would be buying water at nearly $2.00 a pop. This report says we need to insist that Congress pass a law that makes these bottlers and manufacturers tell the truth about what is in the water, especially for the sake of children. They have found that babies are being born with chemical pollution in their system from what the mothers ate or drank while pregnant.

While talking with a doctor this week, we discussed the growth of lymphoma diagnoses in recent years. He said they will someday find out it has to do with what we are eating. But I think it goes farther than that.
Every woman in America who gets up each morning, showers, shampoos her hair, uses deodorants, body washes, and scented lotions, pours hundreds of foreign chemicals into her body. Then she puts on makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, cologne, and sprays her hair to make it last all day.

What we put on our skin goes into our bodies. All that small print on the bottles, tubes and jars, tells you what chemicals you are ingesting through your skin. It gets into your bloodstream and main organs. One woman tested her blood for chemicals and was surprised to find things in there that she would not have ingested knowingly. Many of the things like parabens and pthalates are found in almost all cosmetics. The EWG website tells what they have found to be safe cosmetics, nail polish and other things that will not slowly poison us over the years.

As a person who must deal with a sensitivity to chemicals which bring on asthma, break down my immune system, and give me blinding headaches, I learned I am not alone. Many women my age are fighting this same syndrome. Over the years we have ingested so many dangerous chemicals into our bodies that our system is completely overloaded. With age, our natural immunity gives out and these man made chemicals that are not supervised by our FDA, creep into more and more of our products and we don't even know they are there or that they are poisoning us.
To learn more on this subject, go to and see for yourself.
This is the information that should be forwarded around the world by email instead of the cruel and lying political junk I get everyday.

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