Sunday, October 19, 2008

Old dogs and watermelon wine

This sweet thing is Misty, my sister's 14 year old cocker spaniel. Like a ninety year old person, Misty doesn't see very well and can't hear. She does pretty well at her house, but recently when she went through her pet door, she headed for the ramp built especially for her so she could go outside to potty.
She missed the ramp and stepped instead into a narrow opening between the ramp and the side of the house. The poor baby was trapped. No one knew she was there until her "daddy" missed her and went to find her. She seems to be fine now, but has trouble with climbing steps. Here she sleeps in Rocky's bed. She has always preferred his bed to any other place. And our sweet love just lets her sleep there.
When our dogs get this old, we know they can go at any time and we try to be prepared. Those of us who feel our pets are family members and we treat them as such, grieve hard when we lose them.
Today while going through a closet, I came across a bag with a stuffed dog toy, a pink turtle. My heart hurt for a moment. This was Kodi's toy. Kodi was our 13 year old Samoyd. He has been gone ten years now. Still, the sight of the pink turtle that he enjoyed mouthing, brought a moment of melancholy and sadness.
I thought about the stories I can write about my life with Kodi. Maybe, like the author of Marley and Me, I could write a book about all the pets I've loved and lost. And while telling those stories, I will tell about my life and the people who have touched my life.

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Gay said...

Thank you for the story about Misty and the picture. We love her and feel blessed that she is healthy other than the blindness and deafness and she may make it to 20. She's actually 17 now not 14, so she is reallllllly old.
Thanks for all the sweet things about me you wrote. I love the pictures of us as little ones. I remember that you were my seurity, my big sister who was always there to take care of me. And you still do.