Saturday, September 6, 2008

You asked about Poseys

A woman looking for our connection to the Posey line emailed me today.
Going back through my old records, I find Poseys, Noah and Feraby in 1850 census with six children at Sop Choppy Florida. Noah was 36 years old in 1850. Feraby was 37. In 1870 in Wakulla, Noah and Feraby were listed in censue with only one at home, Noah A who was 20.
In 1880, Noah A was listed with his father, Noah, in home with him. Father was 67. No mention of Feraby in 1880 and no mention of a wife for Noah A.
I have a few other Posey family group sheets. I'll post some of them later.

I did not go to the class for Legacy genealogy program, but my friend Mike went and said this program is wonderful. I will have to find time to get it and learn it. Mike said it is amazing. Sounds like it would be great to compile a book.
Mike also has the Posey line way back in her ancestry.

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tipper said...

Wonder what folks would have thought back then if they knew a hundred years later people would have been looking at their age, name, and where they lived? Reckon anyone will do the same for us?