Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Genealogy and writing class

Today in my class for adults who write about their lives, we delved into memory by the use of our senses. I gave them each a piece of chocolate. As they closed their eyes and let the sweet candy melt in their mouths, I asked what memories were provoked by the taste of chocolate. Most had good memories like hot chocolate in the kitchen with mother, but one student said the chocolate brought back a bad memory.

Touching a wool scarf brought an instant memory of a red coat worn in childhood. And the smell of a cut lemon brought memories to one student of having a cold and being given lemon drops for her sore throat.

Our three hour class flies by and before we know it we have to go. Today we discussed genealogy and writing and one student will share genealogy sites with other students.

My students tell me they enjoy the class and don't want to miss one, but I'm sure I enjoy it even more. I am a storyteller myself and nothing is more fun than hearing all the different stories from my students.
I look forward to next week when I'll hear the completed stories begun in class today.


tipper said...

I bet you class is so fun! Maybe one day I'll have to take one.

Glenda said...

Tipper, I would welcome you and you would enjoy the class, I'm sure.
We have all levels of writing.
Thanks for you comment.