Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Do We Write Our Life Stories

Stories add leaves and flowers to the branches of your family tree.—Gloria Nussbaum, Real to Reel,Beaverton, Oregon

A life story is a gift one generation bestows upon another, a legacy people have been giving from the beginning of time.—Denis Ledoux, Turning Memories Into Memoirs, 1993 Soleil Lifestory Network, Lisbon Falls, Maine
What do you wish you knew about your grandfather or great-grandfather? Shouldn't you preserve that kind of information for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren?—Terry Mullins, Professor of Management, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida

There's something very special in even the most meager details about one's ancestors. This, I believe, is the ultimate purpose of family history, and it is not selfish or egotistical at all. It is a gift to future generations who happen to be connected by blood ties. I remind people that they have lived in a world that is entirely foreign to their grandchildren, and while their memories may seem mundane to them, their descendants will be fascinated by the differences in how they lived. These descendants will also thank them for conveying something about family members who would otherwise remain complete strangers to future generations of the family.—David Harding, Second Story, Omaha, Nebraska

If we don't preserve people's stories, they will disappear after two generations. Every story we preserve is a piece of someone's family history that would otherwise be lost.

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