Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Hidden Council Family Cemetery

Today I talked with my brother Rex. Within a few weeks the farm where I grew up, the farm my father bought in 1942 with a loan from the government, the farm where I played or rode my horse in every field or clump of woods, where I walked through early dew and smiled at morning glories swinging from a fence, that farm will no longer be mine in any way. It will belong to the sons of my brother Max Council. And so things change. But at least the farm will stay within the family -- at least for a generation we hope.
The Council Family Cemetery is located on that farm on Fleming Road in Albany, Georgia. Coy Lee Council and Lois Robison Council are buried together there. Stanley Hunter is buried there and my brother Coy Ray Council is buried there.
Few people even know this cemetery exists. You won't find it listed on or even on Ancestry.
Coy Lee Council, my father loved that land so much, he never wanted to leave it. He wanted to be buried there. He prepared himself years ahead to be in that place for eternity. On Sunday mornings he walked or drove his pickup over to the area where some years before a large swimming pool was built by our family. He sat there for a couple of hours on Sunday and communed with his God. Now, just past the swimming pool, on the other side of a fence, these four graves announce to visitors that they have entered a cemetery.
Depending on how well it is cared for in the coming years, my other brothers and my sister June will be buried there.

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