Sunday, August 24, 2008

Councils, Poseys and Brocks connected by marriage

With several cousins some years ago, I compiled a history of John Cecil Council and his descendants for seven generations. We had hoped to publish this family history but some said there were errors in the family information given to us so the book was never published. I moved to North Carolina while this was in progress and was unable to meet with the others or to uncover the errors. I do have all the information we collected from members of John Cecil's family in my computer and will gladly share it with others who are working on this genealogy. I have not done family research in years but I hope someone in the Council family will want this information to further their own research.

John Cecil was born in 1833 in Alabama and died in 1910 in Florida. He is buried in the Council Family Cemetery in Wakulla County, Crawfordville, Florida. Both wives, Frances Delaura Posey and Nancy Missouri A. Smith are buried beside him. He had seven children by each wife and his last child was born when he was over seventy.

My grandfather, Tom, was the first born son in John Cecil's first family.
Tom married Sarah Brock who was called Sally, in 1878 in Florida. Sarah's parents died when she was very young. A wealthy couple wanted her but her half brother, Alphonso White, took her to live with an aunt who already had lots of kids and couldn't afford another. Sally lived the last part of her life, after her husband died, in Palmetto, Florida where several of her children resided. She is buried in Pelham, GA where her husband had been buried in the Pelham cemetery in 1911.

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