Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Council Brothers Quartet

My brothers, Ray, Max, Hal and Rex Council used to sing at the Council Family reunion in Crawfordville, Florida. My husband, Barry Beall, played guitar and sang also. Although Ray is gone now and they don't sing together anymore, we have tapes of their music and many photos of them singing. Mother was proud of her sons and accompanied them whenever she could to hear them sing in churches or at the reunions. Daddy seldom went anywhere but I don't remember him ever going to one of the little country churches when they sang. The Council Brothers were well known around south Georgia and sang on WGPC radio in Albany when I was still a teenager. Blanche Crosby played piano for them for many years and Billy Berry accompanied them for awhile.
I was happy that my husband enjoyed being a part of the group and was always ready to accompany the quartet on his guitar. He usually had a solo part some where in the performance. The brothers had an excellent sound and their harmony was good like that of many siblings. Barry was a music major in college and he had and still has a beautiful voice.
For the past few years he has sung with the Methodist Church choir in Hayesville, NC and also with the Singing Disciples, a men's group led by Roger Hove.
Max and his wife, Salita, sang as a duo for some years but lately Max only sings with his friend Jerry Marlowe.
I think Ray's death ended an era of singing for my brothers. They had always been the four Council brothers and it just wasn't the same with only three..


Kim Council said...

I remember hearing them sing and thoroughly enjoyed it. I never knew how well Salita could sing until they started singing with Jerry Marlowe and The Broken Spoke Gang. As I recall you and Gay could sing as well.I think often about how talented the Council family is/was in many ways. Not only could y'all sing but just about everyone could either paint, draw, sculpt. Then there is you who is so talented with your writing and poetry and ancestry research. You are so eloquent with your words. the blog about Rex was very touching and even if I had not know him or you I would have felt like I did because you made me feel your pain and get a glimpse of what kind of person he was.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks, Kim, for leaving a comment.
It is good to have you here and sharing memories.
Although we live far from each other now, we can connect through the Internet. Isn't that great?