Sunday, March 19, 2017

Diana Smith Poems for Kids

I met Diana Smith  many years ago when I joined and became part of the NC Writer's Network West (Netwest). I liked her poems and stories that were so full of humor. She is in process of writing a book about her grandfather, a professional golfer, a man who influenced her young life. 

I am happy that Diana has created a website with her stories and poems for kids. If you are an adult who loves dogs, you will laugh at the cute and whimsical stories about the many, many dogs she and her husband Joel have rescued over the years. 
She posted photos of some of her rescues and tells their stories in poems.

Diana's stories and poems for children have been published in numerous magazines for kids. 
Click on this link:

Let me know what you think and pass this website on to your grandchildren or to teachers who will find the writing here to be quite useful in class. 

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