Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Picture Book

I grew up on a farm where we raised cattle and I learned to appreciate the gentle beasts. A field of cows grazing brings a smile to  my face. I could hear the soft munching sound as the grass was wrapped around by the long thick  tongue and broken  off . I could stand in that field with those cows and the grazing would be the only sound I'd hear. I think this yellow weed is a wild mustard. 

I photographed this field on Mother's  Day when I was driving out to Hinton Center for lunch with friends. The  sight of this golden expanse in the  bright sunshine had to be captured and shared. But a small picture  can't do it justice.  The Moore family owns this  property, I believe, in Clay County North Carolina.

Today was exceedingly hot in our part of the  world. It was not the best time to  be outside. I read some poetry at the Enchanted Gardens Tour held by the Clay County Historical and Arts Council. I was there only an hour but I read several poems and they were appreciated even by those who had to  stand in the sun to listen.
I was pleased when someone asked me to read a certain poem from my book, Now Might as Well be Then. It is titled In the Dark.  She said she loved that  poem and one of the women photographed the page. She really  liked the poem. I had not taken any of my  books with  me,  but I  believe I would have sold some if I had.

Because of the heat, I enjoy looking at pictures I've made of winter scenes. The one below is the view from my living room to the east.

My little Chi-weenie has presented me with another  challenge. This past week she escaped her potty yard and ran away. She is small and when she is in the woods, I can't see her. The only method I have found to get her to come out of hiding is  to start my car and call her. She likes to  ride in the car. 
I had to find out how she managed to get out of her fenced area so I checked every corner and found no sign of digging or opening in the  fence. I let her  out with me thinking I will watch her and see if she will show me where she is getting out. Immediately, she went up to the  fence and began to jump and if I  had not caught her she would have been gone again. She can jump the fence in one place, I  know, and I wonder if she has other places where she flies over.  She has a  long body and when she stands on her hind legs, she can almost reach the top of the fence. Who would ever think we would  need a five foot fence to keep an eight pound dog inside?

 Look at this face. He tiny teeth, about the size of rice kernels, peek out even with  her mouth closed. She  has a funny  little face.  I can tell her brain is going in this picture as she plans her  next move to get my attention.

This is Lexie, sweet and sleepy. I can't think about how much money I have spent on this "free" dog, or I would get mad at myself. But the joy she brings into my life makes it all worthwhile. 

I have a feeling that most  of my readers have pets. Do you have a special four legged friend that costs you more than you had planned?


DJan said...

What a little sweetie. I wish I had a pet of any kind, but I'm not allowed any in my apartment. I'd probably have a cat that would eat up my extra money. :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

Glenda, I loved your photos.

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks my loyal friends. I do appreciate your reading and commenting on my life stories. Some day I may live where i can't have a pet, Jan, but at this moment I am enjoying Lexie. But she does bother me when she barks at night and I don't know what is getting her attention.